Rachel Roggel - "Roads to Peace, Equality, and Tranquility"

"Roads to Peace, Equality, and Tranquility"


A world of equality, of peace and serenity – this is a timeless ancient dream. The dream is an amalgam of three cycles of life – womanhood, Israeliness, and Jewishness, all embedded in the use of multiplying and differing symbols. There is a total pairing between the female and the male principles, peace in the Middle East combining with Jewish Mysticism all pulling towards the achievement of serenity. All pulls one towards the other.

The roads leading to the fulfillment of this dream are long and winding, resembling nothing so much as the roads in a labyrinth from the twelfth century that was called "The Wall of Jericho". The roads in this labyrinth were long and often seemed to get further and further from the center one wishes to reach, but in the end one did get to the center, the end of the way, redemption. Jericho was the first city to have been conquered by Israel and the first to enter into a peace agreement. The labyrinth is colored green to symbolize the fact that Jericho was an oasis in the desert, and that is the color of peace in dreams.