Dust Into Gold

"Dust Into Gold"

This quilt is part of the Boomerang challenge by the QuiltArt Internet group.
When I was growing up, dust collected in our house turned into gold- literally!
My parents vacuum cleaner bags contained gold particles. My father, a goldsmith by trade, sold the dust to the gold refinery.
Each year, one pound of gold was recovered from those bags. I also treat my vacuum cleaner bags as a gold mine, as they contain buttons and beads collected from my studio carpet.

I, an art quilter by trade, embellish my quilts with thousands of them. And just like my father, I recover those treasures (buttons/beads) from the bags....

"Dust Into Gold" is made of a green disposable vacuum cleaner bag. My father's photo in the bag collar is surrounded by golden beads,
ornaments, and glass beads with the gold symbol (Au) of the Periodic Table.
The dotted line reads "replace bag when dirt reaches this line." It is the border where golden beads are separated from buttons.

This is a conceptual quilt, but also a realistic view of my vacuum cleaner bag.