Just Sleep On It Tonight

"Just Sleep On It Tonight"

The quilt is about puzzling perspectives of life.
The maze design, a one can trace by following the arrows, turns out to be not a real maze but a winding path. This is symbolic to the many twists and turns during the course of a person's life before he could reach the next life. This maze is found in Chartres Cathedral, France and called "Road To Jerusalem".
The holographic eye, at the center, symbolize the eye of Providence . The sight of a looking eye attracts the gaze. While gazing in someone else's eye, one sees in the pupil a reflection of himself - I see my pupil in your eye and you see yours in mine.
The eye is the window to the world, at the same time ,it is a the window of the soul.
"My eye could see the pattern of my life and the puzzle that is me"
Paul Simon song's "Patterns" - stenciled on the binding of the quilt.
The lyric of "Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover", Paul Simon 1975 (C), describes another puzzling perspective in this quilt:"Just sleep on it tonight and I believe that in the morning you'll begin to see the light". The lower part of the quilt is darker, "heavier" - representing the night. The upper is brighter and have sun charms.
The black & white knit fabrics are symbolic of intertwined life situation.
The geometric perspective is reflected by the changing size, color, and space of the beads and buttons of the maze.