The Road To Jerusalem

"Road To Jerusalem"

The quilt is about European pilgrimage to Jerusalem from crusaders to Internet.
European quilters from Internet , made a virtual pilgrimage , by mailing their signatures on a fabric. These signed fabrics are now part of the quilt.

Right panel --20" x 54"
Crusaders' map of Jerusalem, with Mt. Gaudii (Mont. Joey = Joy) in the lower left part. The glued fragments from this site, are dated to 1099 AD, when crusaders viewed Jerusalem for the first time.

Center panel -- 34" x 54"
People who couldn't make a real pilgrimage, traveled a maze called "Road to Jerusalem" as a substitute. The maze is embroidered with blue on white Tulles, like the real maze found in Notre Dam du Chartres Cathedral, France, since 1220 AD (12 meter in diameter).
It is symbolic of many twists and turns during the course of a person's life before he could reach the next life. People used to travel it on their knees. The viewer is invited to finger trace a path of buttons sent from all over the world.

Left panel -- 20" x 54"
The famous stained glass window in this cathedral, are 12 meter diameter -- as the maze beneath it. The rhinestones in the quilt, reflect light like a real stained glass.