"TNARQ?" - Full Exhibit

© All Rights Reserved to the Artists
Photographs by Michael Falk

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"Mysterious Pinwheels"
Sue Arnold

"This Is Not A Real Quilt"
Elizabeth Barton

"Shadow Artist at the Office"
Mary Beth Bellah

Linda Martire Bollenbach

"Days and Nights"
Brienne Brown

"Bramble Unending"
Kate Childers

"Seattle Summers"
Luanne Seymour Cohen

"Not a Quilt for Miss Sarajevo"
Claudia Comay


"Silk is Busting Our All Over"
Susan Druding

"Doorways I"
Cathy Fabiszak

Darcy Falk

"Off Center"
Mary Schoenfelt Fallert

"Icon/No Beads"
Donna Fleming

"TNARQ! TAMBB! That's not a real quilt!"
Martha Gilbert

Mona Lindsay Gollan

"One Day Wonder"
Cathy Kleeman

Jaye Lapachet

Katy O'Meara Magnuson

"Stratifications IV: Rousseau"
Marie-Christine Mahe

"Glitter, Glamour and Glitz"
Michele Merges Martens

"Examine Your Values"
Vicki Neff

Elizabeth J. Poole

"Une Abecedaire"
Diane Halas Routt

"Stream of Consciousness IV, Cuttings from my Grandmother's Flower Garden"
Marina Salume

Linda Schiffer

"Ruffles and Flourishes"
Bev Schmidt

"Tea Narque"
Diane Rode Schneck

"Bottled Rainbow"
Anneke Schoone

"What's A Quilt?"
Linda Schiffer

Carol Vasenko

"Photo Album: What's Missing?"
Caroline Wooden

"Reading in Bed"
Carolyn Ybarra