"The Unbuttoned Shirt"

47"(w) x 53(h)", 2004 © by Rachel Roggel
 In memory of Noaa Eyal 1980- 1998

 shirts, buttons, beads, safety pins
hand pieced and hand quilted through beads & buttons



2006 "SAQA Europe: Breaking Boundaries"- Quilt Expo X, Lyon, France, June 22-25

2004  "Special Interest: The Art of Politics" – San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textile – San Jose, CA
2004  “Quilts for Change” – Zonta Club of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH
2004  “Invading Spaces” – Sexual Violence Against Women in the Work of Women Artists - The Phillips Museum of Art, Franklin & Marshall, Lancaster, PA


Risk to Blossom  : A Journey Of Healing by Whytefeather, Alice