"The Road To Jerusalem"

 Triptych 74"(w) x 54"(h), 1996 © by Rachel Roggel
 Sweatshirt knit, cotton fabrics, Tulle, hand embroidered fabric
Machine pieced, hand quilted through the glass beads and buttons.


Envelopes in our house in Jerusalem, Israel Letters from all over the world! The making of the labyrinth The labyrinth
First sight of Jerusalem by Crusaders Tracing the labyrinth in Quilt EXPO V Full view


2001  Jerusalem Theatre, A Solo Exhibit, Israel
1998 The Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center, Athens, OH.
1998 New Pieces Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
1997 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza IV , Ft. Washington PA.
1997 Embellishment - International Beads & Button Show, Austin, TX.
1997 Quilters' Heritage Celebration, Lancaster, PA.
1997 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival VIII, Williamsburg, VA.
1996 International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX.
1996 Pacific International Quilt Festival V, Palm Springs, CA.
1996 Quilt Expo V , Lyon, France
1996 Wonders of East and West, Grobenzell, Germany